About Us

The best in ECN market access for all

Our Philosophy

The profession of trading is about freedom and opportunity.

As a corporate citizen, we are regularly involved in advocating for causes, supporting the arts by such means as our position as an official sponsor of the LA Screen Awards Film and Script Competitions, and our continued involvement in a variety of philanthropic endeavours.

Every day, the movements of currency markets affect people around the world - indirectly or otherwise - yet it remained one of the most exclusive markets on the planet.

Level2Forex Official Logo

Our mission is to open up the gates to the interbank forex markets. Through our institutional relationships and technological partnerships, Level 2 Forex is the ultimate gateway to the FX markets' fastest ECN liquidity aggregation system connected to the most revolutionary and feature-rich trading platform.

Premium trading conditions. Transparent Level 2 Forex order book. Institutional spreads. Quite simply the best in ECN forex brokerage terms for accounts of all sizes.

Safety of Funds

Client funds are segregated from operational funds in order to isolate account balances from the solvency of the brokerage, and are held at Tier 1 global financial institutions.

More importantly, the greater margin of safety is offered by a business model that offers zero conflict of interest. Traditional retail FX brokers operate "dealing desk" business models which place the brokerage's interests at odds with the trader's desire for profits. (In other words, a dealing desk broker makes money when their traders lose.)

Level 2 Forex operates a true "No Dealing Desk" ECN brokerage business model. Rather than profiting from manipulating spreads and executions against traders, our ECN brokerage model profits only from commissions charged as order processing fees.

Plus: Unlike many other ECN brokers, we also offer our best commission rate to all accounts with no minimum trade volume. So why take our word for it? Open an account today to experience Level 2 Forex on the eFX Cloud network.